what it is
• http-based chat script written in php. it is geared towards developers who want a quick and extensible feature for their website. the data is written to a simple enough format (text file) that it is easily parsible by other programs. a flash template is included with the package.

how it works
• all users are required to 'log in'. their handle is stored in a cookie. if this cookie is present, they are then a certified sendmsg user and can start writing to the data file that everybody reads from. a new data file is generated daily, named by date. this is useful for archiving and also helps out with php not having to read a 5M text file.
• keeping in mind that the text file can quickly grow in size, sendmsg comes with a buffer function. by default, only 3000 bytes of the data file are displayed. this reduces download times for large data files and helps out with the strain on the server. the buffer size is also configurable by the user.
• a search function is included but rather unpolished. it combines every single data file ever created and puts them into a huge array. php searches that array and displays matches. a link, with the line number, to the proper data file is provided.
• the flash template only reads at the moment and is extremely nasty. i have plans to fix this. this is provided just as an example of the portability of the script.

• please check my file area at for updated builds just in case i was too lazy to update this.

thanks for having a look.
please alert me of any problems.

Ben Caston